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MC (Paris) - SHERR VELVET 50ml | A Masterpiece of Sensory Refinement

MC (Paris) - SHERR VELVET 50ml | A Masterpiece of Sensory Refinement

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Mizori Collection (Paris) - Sherr Velvet Women's Perfume 50ml

Enter the world of 'Sherr Velvet', a refined fragrance creation by Mizori Collection (Paris), which captures the essence of haute couture in perfume form.

Sherr Velvet is an oriental and floral symphony, inspired by the rich and vibrant scents of the Orient. This fragrance opens with a harmony of fruity notes, followed by a heart of ylang-ylang, jasmine and tuberose, enhanced by the warmth of patchouli and amber.

Ideal for the sophisticated woman, Sherr Velvet is perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. The fragrance unfolds on the skin with a depth and complexity that leaves a lasting impression, adding a touch of luxury to every moment.

Experience the unique charm of 'Sherr Velvet', a niche perfume that stands for exclusivity and craftsmanship. Apply to pulse points such as the wrists and neck for a subtle, long-lasting aroma. Order now and make Sherr Velvet your personal signature in the world of advanced perfumery.

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