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Shams El Oud - Mizori ® [inspired by Oud Ispahan • Dior]

Shams El Oud - Mizori ® [inspired by Oud Ispahan • Dior]

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Mizori Collection (Paris) - Shams El Oud Unisex Perfume 50ml

Shams El Oud bears an elegant Oriental identity: it is like the olfactory translation of an Oriental palace in which radiant hues merge with intoxicating scents until they form one whole.

With stylish charm and a wanderlust spirit, Shams El Oud emphasizes its woody power with the spicy and decisive character of the Damascus rose. This fragrance makes no compromises and invites you to an olfactory journey, colored with the softness of rose and the power of oud.

Inspired by the ocher walls of an Eastern palace and the intense red of the Damascus rose, Shams El Oud is a fascinating fragrance with a powerful identity, rooted in a floral Oud signature.

Instructions for use: For an optimal fragrance experience, ensure that the skin is clean and dry. Spray the scent on the wrists, behind the ears, and on the neck. These pulsation points will spread the scent through your movements throughout the day. Avoid rubbing the skin after application to maintain the integrity of the fragrance.

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