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MC (Paris) - INSPIRATION 50ml | A Poetic Fragrance Experience

MC (Paris) - INSPIRATION 50ml | A Poetic Fragrance Experience

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Mizori Collection (Paris) - Inspiration Unisex Perfume 50ml

Step into the world of 'Inspiration', a creation of Mizori Collection (Paris), where poetry and perfume come together in an enchanting dance of aromas.

'Inspiration' opens with exquisite top notes of saffron, which transition into a heart of refined essences of Nagarmotha. The base notes of Gujum, Tree Musk and Amber complete this fragrance with a deep, woody and oriental-inspired touch.

This fragrance is an ode to the inspiration that the poet ignites in each of us. For those who long for a perfume that is not just a scent, but tells a story. 'Inspiration' is perfect for you who are looking for a scent with depth, warmth and character.

Experience the luxury of 'Inspiration', the pinnacle of niche perfumery. Ideal for any occasion, this perfume evolves beautifully on the skin. Apply it to your wrists, neck and behind your ears to create a subtle but lasting aroma. Order now and let 'Inspiration' become part of your unique fragrance signature.

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