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MC (Paris) - EMIR OLD 50ml | A Masterful Fragrance Creation for Him and Her

MC (Paris) - EMIR OLD 50ml | A Masterful Fragrance Creation for Him and Her

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Mizori Collection (Paris) - Emir Oud Unisex Perfume 50ml

Discover the unique world of Emir Oud, a masterpiece in the art of Haute Niche Parfumerie, created for the connoisseur of refined fragrances.

Emir Oud represents the ultimate fusion of traditional and contemporary perfumery. This luxurious fragrance opens with an intriguing blend of sweet and oud, enriched with the soft notes of vanilla and rose. This rich and complex blend is further enhanced by warm, spicy accents, giving the perfume an intense, inviting aura.

The heart notes of Emir Oud reveal a sensual interplay of lactonic, metallic and nutty notes, in harmony with leathery and powdery aspects. This unique combination gives Emir Oud an irresistible character, perfect for both men and women who long for a mysterious and unmistakable scent.

Emir Oud crafted by Mizori Collection (Paris) is your perfect companion for formal events or special evenings when you want to make a lasting impression. With a capacity of 50ml, we invite you to experience the luxury of Emir Oud. Try it now and let yourself be carried away by a fragrance that embodies both elegance and character.

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