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Casanova - Mizori ® [inspired by Gris Montaigne • Dior]

Casanova - Mizori ® [inspired by Gris Montaigne • Dior]

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Mizori Collection (Paris) - Casanova Men's Perfume 50ml

Gris Dior embodies the olfactory expression of gray, the iconic color of the House of Mizori, which reflects the bold character of the Mizori Collection (Paris).

Casanova is a unisex eau de perfume that breaks gender barriers with an intense chypre scent. This scent makes a powerful and recognizable statement and invites everyone to make the scent their own and interpret it according to their own rules.

The fragrance combines an unapologetic heritage with a modern twist and confidently plays the unisex card. Casanova is versatile and complex, just like the color gray: richly nuanced and composed of various components. Finally, Casanova offers a meeting between floral and woody notes, which together form an iconic trail of chypre.

Instructions for use: Make sure the skin is clean and dry. Spray the scent on the wrists, neck and behind the ears for a long-lasting effect. Avoid rubbing after application as this may reduce the fragrance intensity. Enjoy the enchanting aromas of Casanova throughout the day.

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