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Ambre Night - Mizori ® [inspired by Ambre Narguile • Hermes]

Ambre Night - Mizori ® [inspired by Ambre Narguile • Hermes]

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Mizori Collection (Paris) - Ambre Night Unisex Perfume 50ml

"Ambre Night, the western expression of oriental fragrances, has a warm, sensual, enveloping and almost carnal scent. I wanted to enrich this notion of amber with memories of the Orient that I love by recreating the ambiance of lively places, where tobacco - mixed with scents of fruit, honey and spices - is smoked in nargiles, or water pipes, and where spirals of smoke spread a sweet feeling of intoxication," explains the Perfume Master Mizori.

Mizori essence is a collection of sober and intense olfactory poems. Nature is reinvented, with an original effect. Resources are transcended. The collection symbolizes creative freedom, a very individual writing style, which captures the essence of the signature of a great house.

Instructions for use: For the best fragrance experience, ensure skin is clean and dry before applying perfume. Spray the perfume on your wrists, neck and behind the ears, where your body heat will help disperse the scent. Avoid rubbing after application to maintain the purity of the fragrance.

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