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iQibla Zikr Flex Pro Smart Ring Rose

iQibla Zikr Flex Pro Smart Ring Rose

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iQibla Zikr Flex Pro Smart Ring

iQibla Zikr Flex Pro Smart Ring

Strengthen your spiritual connection and Dhikr practice with the advanced iQibla Zikr Flex Pro Smart Ring.

Tasbeeh Counter for Daily Goals : Easily track your daily Tasbih counts and set personal Dhikr goals. With this smart counter, you can effortlessly increase your Ibadah and gratitude.

Long Battery Life for Continuous Prayer : Don't let your Dhikr be interrupted. With a battery life of up to 15 days, the Zikr Flex Pro remains your constant reminder of Allah, without the need for frequent charging.

Water Resistance for Worry-Free Dhikr : Perform your Wudu without worries. With an IP67 water resistance, this ring is a faithful companion, even during the smallest rituals. Deepen your spirituality with the assurance of sustainability.

Bluetooth Connection & Prayer Time Reminders : Connect to the iQibla Life app and receive automatic prayer time reminders. Always keep track of your Salah times, an essential aspect of your daily Ibadah.

Different Sizes & Easy Click Function : Choose from three sizes for the perfect fit. The simple click function makes it easy to secure the core into the ring so you can fully concentrate on your prayer and Dhikr.


Model: Zikr Flex Pro

Screen: 0.42" OLED

Battery life: Up to 15 days

Water resistance: IP67

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Weight: 11.8g

Ring size: 18, 20 and 22mm

Discover how the iQibla Zikr Flex Pro Smart Ring can enrich your daily Ibadah. Order now and experience the revolution in your Dhikr practice!

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