Winterse Schoonheid: Waterdoorlatende Nagellak en Gezelligheid met Islamica

Winter Beauty: Water-permeable Nail Polish and Coziness with Islamica

Welcome to a World of Warmth and Beauty

Sister performing Wudhu with waterproof nail polish

Winter not only brings cold, but also the warmth of being together. What's better than enjoying it with friends? At Islamica we have cosmetics that not only enhance your appearance, but also warm your heart. Our water-permeable nail polish makes performing Wudhu a piece of cake during these pleasant winter days. Time to visit family and friends!

Fun Make-up Evenings with Friends

Sisters testing makeup in winter

Imagine: a cold winter evening, warm blankets, and a table full of the finest Halal cosmetics. Laugh, experiment and share your favorite make-up tips with your friends. Winter becomes even more enjoyable when you spend time with loved ones.

Shopping in Style: Halal Cosmetics for the Modern Woman

Sisters shopping for makeup in winter

Don't let winter get in the way of your style. Go shopping in the department stores and discover trendy Halal cosmetics that perfectly suit your lifestyle. From lipstick to eye shadow, we have everything you need for a radiant winter look. Don't forget to shop with friends and make memories together.

Lipstick to Brighten up your Winter

Sisters putting on lipstick

The right lipstick can complete your winter look. Choose from our range of colors that match the winter atmosphere. Our Halal lipsticks are not only beautiful, but also ethically responsible. And don't forget, during these pleasant days it is nice to spend time with your loved ones.

Cozy Make-up Evenings at Home

Sisters putting on make-up on a winter evening

Why go out when you can have a fun make-up evening at home? Invite your friends, share tips and enjoy our Halal cosmetics. Winter evenings have never been so much fun! It's the perfect time to be together.

Radiant Outside, Even in Winter

Sisters with makeup in winter outdoors

Don't let the cold stop you from shining outside. With our Halal cosmetics you can brave the winter with confidence. Discover our products and enjoy a beautiful winter look. During these special days it is great to walk with friends and enjoy the fresh air.

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