Waarom 18K Vergulde Sieraden een Must-Have zijn

Why 18K Gold Plated Jewelry is a Must-Have

Why 18K Gold Plated Jewelry is a Must-Have

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Welcome to our blog! Today we would like to take you into the world of 18K gold plated jewelry. We sell a wide range of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and anklets of very good quality. Our jewelry is three-layer 18 carat gold plated, tested in the sun and saltwater, hypoallergenic and does not discolour. Let us tell you why this jewelry is a must-have!

18K Gold Plated Jewelry

The Benefits of 18K Gold Plated Jewelry

Luxurious appearance: 18K gold plating gives jewelry a beautiful, rich golden shine that is almost indistinguishable from solid gold. This provides a luxurious look without the high price tag.

Durability: Our three-layer 18K gold plated jewelry is designed to last. The extra layers of gold plating ensure that the jewelry is resistant to wear and tear and retains its shine.

Hypoallergenic: Many people experience allergic reactions to certain metals. Our 18K gold plated jewelry is hypoallergenic, meaning it is safe for people with sensitive skin.

Does not discolour: Thanks to the high-quality gold plating technique, our jewelry does not discolour, even when exposed to sunlight or saltwater. This means you can wear them every day without any worries.

18K Gold Plated Jewelry - Necklace

Why We Sell 18K Gold Plated Jewelry

At islamica we believe in offering affordable luxury. We want everyone to have the opportunity to feel beautiful and special, without breaking the bank. Our 18K gold plated jewelry offers the perfect balance between quality and affordability. We pride ourselves on the high standards we maintain and the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.

Why 18K Gold Plated Jewelry is So Popular

18K gold plated jewelry is extremely popular because it offers an accessible way to enjoy the beauty and elegance of gold. They are perfect for any occasion, from everyday use to special events. Whether you want to treat yourself or give a loved one a special gift, 18K gold plated jewelry is always a great choice.

18K Gold Plated Jewelry - Bracelet

Maintenance and Cleaning of 18K Gold Plated Jewelry

To ensure that your 18K gold-plated jewelry always looks its best, it is important to properly maintain and clean it. Here are some tips:

Storage: Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place, preferably in a jewelry box or bag. Avoid exposure to moisture and heat.

Cleaning: Clean your jewelry with a soft cloth after each use to remove oil and dirt. For a more thorough cleaning, you can use a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Soak the jewelry briefly, rub it gently with a soft brush and rinse with clean water. Dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Avoid chemical products: Try to avoid contact with perfumes, lotions and cleaning products as they can damage the gold plating.

Wear with care: Remove your jewelry during activities that require a lot of physical exertion or where it may come into contact with hard surfaces to prevent scratches.

We hope you now understand why 18K gold plated jewelry is a must-have and how to best maintain it. At islamica we are always ready to help you find the perfect jewelry. Do you have any questions or need advice? Please feel free to contact us!

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